Co-op News Gets a Makeover

By Victoria A. Rocha | ECT Staff Writer Published: September 10th, 2013

Once in a while, a thorough housecleaning is in order to take stock of what we own, and NRECA did just that with the association’s website,

You can view the new on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. (Image Courtesy of NRECA)

You can view the new on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. (Image Courtesy of NRECA)

The result of this digital housecleaning: a single site that consolidates information from several of NRECA’s websites into one with a new design and maps. The site debuted Aug. 30 and is formatted for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

“For the first time, truly represents the serious business of your national association,” said Jim Bausell, NRECA senior vice president of communications. “With an easy-to-use user interface, visitors can quickly find and learn about our wide range of national activities, from our advocacy of important public policy positions to the many programs that support our members.”

Users can now link directly to sites for all NRECA programs and activities, including password-protected sites. Users typing in old URLs will be redirected automatically to the new site.

The push for a new began in March when Jo Ann Emerson took over as NRECA CEO. “She requested that we consolidate several NRECA websites into a single portal site to provide a broader, fuller and more accurate picture of what we do. It turns out we do a lot,” said John Gill, the association’s senior director of web content.

The new site is set up to target a wider audience, including electric co-op members and the general public.

“The old site was very narrowly focused on what we call opinion leaders—legislators, regulators and the media,” said Gill. “One of Jo Ann’s concerns was that you really couldn’t get complete information on all of the good stories that co-ops can tell.”

Gill said the site eventually will combine most of NRECA’s 35 sites and contain new maps, including ones of co-op service areas represented by members of Congress and levels of ACRE® support.

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