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G&T Technology Headed to China

By Steven Johnson | ECT Staff Writer Published: September 17th, 2013

An emissions reduction technology developed by a Minnesota-based G&T will have an international impact.

An emissions reduction technology used at this North Dakota plant will be available in China. (Photo By: Great River Energy)

An emissions reduction technology used at this North Dakota plant will be available in China. (Photo By: Great River Energy)

Great River Energy has signed an agreement to make its DryFining™ technology available in China.

Greg Ridderbusch, Great River Energy vice president of business development and strategy, said the deal with a Chinese firm represents “a significant milestone” for the DryFining technology, which reduces emissions and improves efficiency at coal-based plants.

“This agreement gives Great River Energy a significant opportunity to transfer our innovative DryFining technologies to power plants in China,” he said. “It also supports the leadership role that the United States is taking through President Obama’s Climate Change Action Plan to provide international solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand the use of clean energy in the world.”

The 10-year licensing and technology transfer agreement is with Tangshan Shenzhou Manufacturing Co. The company provides coal processing equipment that serves mines and utilities in China.

Great River Energy developed the DryFining technology as part of the Department of Energy’s Clean Coal Initiative. DryFining uses residual or waste process heat to reduce the amount of water in lignite coal. A refining component removes higher density compounds that contain higher levels of sulfur and mercury.

Maple Grove-based Great River Energy will serve as technical consultant to TSM. When a utility decides to purchase the DryFining technology from TSM, the G&T will assist with its design and integration at power plants. Financial terms were not released.

Marketing efforts will include a trailer-mounted fluidized bed dryer that will be transported to power plants throughout China for use as a demonstration model. Great River Energy will design the dryer and TSM will build, operate and maintain the dryer.

China is the world’s largest user of energy and accounts for about half of global coal consumption. The Chinese government announced a major plan Sept. 12 to reduce emissions caused by its rapid industrialization.

In December 2009, the G&T implemented DryFining at its 1,180-megawatt Coal Creek Station in North Dakota. Since then, the process has increased plant efficiency by 4 percent and reduced emissions of sulfur dioxide and mercury by 40 percent, nitrogen oxide by 20 percent and carbon dioxide by 4 percent.

NoDak Energy Services, a subsidiary of North American Coal Co., operates and maintains the DryFining system at Coal Creek and has played a key role in fine-tuning it and improved reliability, Great River Energy officials said.

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