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Metal Artist Dan Lucking


  • Four Simple Pieces

    The angler fish’s humble beginnings include a flywheel from an old car and pieces from a rod iron gate. (Photo By: Dan Lucking)
  • The Base

    A piece of metal pipe goes inside the flywheel to make a standing base. (Photo By: Dan Lucking)
  • A Fishy Outline

    Rebar forms the outline of a fish. (Photo By: Dan Lucking)
  • Open Wide

    An head from a shovel makes a fine angler fish’s mouth. (Photo By: Dan Lucking)
  • Taking Shape

    The “swirly” pieces of metal are nails used in log cabin construction. (Photo By: Dan Lucking)
  • A Toothy Smile

    Nails used for concrete projects form the angler fish’s shiny and sharp teeth. (Photo By: Dan Lucking)
  • Time to Shine

    This angler fish’s lure comes from a flexible radio mount. (Photo By: Dan Lucking)
  • The Final Product

    An angler fish almost fit for the deep seas. (Photo By: Dan Lucking)
  • The Lightening Tamer

    Lineworkers’ dangerous work is a theme in Dan Lucking’s art, such as this technician bypassing a three-phase recloser before testing. (Photo By: Dan Lucking)
  • Three Phase Bank

    Dan Lucking used railroad spikes, pipe fittings and other metal scraps in this piece showing linemen building a three-phase transformer bank. (Photo By: Dan Lucking)
  • Majestic Moose

    Parts of a steampunk moose lamp include railroad clips, cogs and bolt cutter jaws. (Photo By: Dan Lucking)

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