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Flooding and Ice Strike Co-ops

Flooding and Ice
  • Boating In

    A Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative crew takes to the water to reach lines in the co-op’s flooded right of way. (Photo By: RECC)
  • Too Much Lake

    This trailer park near Illinois’ Taylorville Lake is even closer to the water following major flooding of the Sangamon River, so electric service is temporarily unavailable. (Photo By: RECC)
  • Icy Trouble

    Days after severe ice storms pushed across Oklahoma, the glistening remains continue to shine brightly under cloudless skies. (Photo By: WFEC)
  • Stick Work

    A Three Rivers Electric Cooperative lineworker uses a hot stick to close a circuit near Missouri’s Meramec River. (Photo By: Three Rivers EC)
  • Elbow Room

    When transmission structures have to be rebuilt, Western Farmers EC construction crews can really open up space to get the job done. (Photo By: WFEC)
  • Power Down

    Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative will have to wait for floodwaters to subside before restoring electricity to this neighborhood near Taylorville, Ill. (Photo By: RECC)
  • Big Jobs

    Ice storms and high winds ripped up more than 200 Western Farmers Electric Cooperative transmission structures. Permanent repairs will take weeks. (Photo By: WFEC)
  • River Work

    A crew from Linn, Mo.-based Three Rivers Electric Cooperative works to restore power to co-op lines over the rain-swollen Gasconade River. (Photo By: Three Rivers EC)
  • Hardly Dry

    Normally dry right of way near Linn, Mo., could be wet for weeks after major flooding in Three Rivers Electric Cooperative’s service territory. (Photo By: Three Rivers EC)

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