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Nuns in a Bucket Truck

  • A Wing and a Prayer and a Safety Harness

    Journeyman lineman Travis Duvall of Owen Electric Cooperative secures Sister Elizabeth Ann with a safety harness before her bucket ride. (Photo By: Whitney Duvall)
  • Ready for Liftoff

    Sister Elizabeth Ann and Owen Electric’s Travis Duvall are just about ready to go up in the co-op’s bucket. (Photo By: Whitney Duvall)
  • Hello Down There!

    High above St. Joseph’s Academy in Walton, Ky., Sister Elizabeth Ann, the school’s principal, waves to students and teachers. (Photo By: Whitney Duvall)
  • There She Is!

    It isn’t every day you see your principal in a bucket high above the school, so for St. Joseph’s Academy students it was quite a treat. (Photo By: Whitney Duvall)
  • Meet and Greet

    Travis Duvall, journeyman lineman at Owen Electric Cooperative, talks to students at St. Joseph’s Academy, where his son attends kindergarten. (Photo By: Whitney Duvall)
  • Me Too!

    Not to be outdone by the principal, music teacher Sister Margaret Mary, who is legally blind, gets a bucket ride from Travis Duvall. (Photo By: Whitney Duvall)
  • Another Flying Nun

    A wave to the crowd below from Sister Margaret Mary of St. Joseph’s Academy. (Photo By: Whitney Duvall)
  • All Smiles

    The youngsters are all smiles as they pose for a picture with Owen Electric’s Travis Duvall. (Photo By: Whitney Duvall)

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