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Jasper County EMC Art Show


  • Capturing the Current

    The vintage barn light captured in this photo suggests that Jasper County REMC continues to provide services to its rural members. (Photo By: Jasper County REMC)
  • Light Bulb Flowers

    A compact florescent bulb stands out as a stamin surrounded by lavender incandscents to create a floral design. (Photo By: Jasper County REMC)
  • First Electric City

    A collage of photos of historic structures in Wabash, Ind., recognizes the city’s history as the first lighted city in the world. (Photo By: Jasper County REMC)
  • The Apprentices

    This painting of apprentice linemen, inspired by a photograph, shows the training co-op lineworkers master on the way to journeymen status. (Photo By: Jasper REMC)
  • Freeform Installation

    A local artist built a representation of the power grid with items salvaged from recycling bins at Jasper REMC headquarters. (Photo By: Jasper REMC)

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