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2014 Lineman’s Safety Rodeo

  • Let Her Wave

    Student linemen from the Illinois statewide’s program at the Lincoln Land Community College unfurl the flag and let it wave to begin the 17th annual Lineman’s Safety Rodeo sponsored by AIEC. (Photo By: AIEC)
  • Keen Competition with Safety

    Mike Faust, a journeyman lineman from Clinton County Electric Cooperative in Clinton, Ill., competes in a rodeo event. (Photo By: AIEC)
  • Don’t Crack Up

    Jeremy Willis, a journeyman lineman from Menard Electric Cooperative in Petersburg, Ill., participates in the rodeo’s egg climb. (Photo By: AIEC)
  • ‘Hurt Man’ Gets a Hand

    Russ Camp, journeyman lineman from EnerStar Electric Cooperative in Paris, Ill., attempts a hurt man rescue. (Photo By: AIEC)
  • Student Climbing to the Top

    Nicholas Wilhoit, a first-year apprentice lineman from Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative in Paxton, Ill., climbs an H-structure obstacle course. (Photo By: AIEC)
  • Checking out the Competition

    Allen Plott (left) and Aaron Stover, both journeyman Linemen from Southern Illinois Electric Cooperative in Dongola, and Jim Miles (far right), manager of safety & loss control for the Illinois statewide, survey the competition. (Photo By: AIEC)
  • Another Tough Event for Linemen

    A lineman competes in the simulated live crossarm change. (Photo By: AIEC)
  • Start ‘Em Young

    A future co-op lineman? Henry Nattier is the son of Josh Nattier, journeyman lineman and member of the winning rodeo team from PPI in Jacksonville. (Photo By: AIEC)
  • Family Time at the Rodeo

    Jacob Kaufmann, a U.S. Air Force vet and LLCC student from Springfield, hoists his daughter Millie in the air while his wife Brianne stands by. (Photo By: AIEC)
  • Student Linemen Branch Out

    Like a human tree, 20 red-shirted student linemen stagger a 55-foot pole to relay up the U.S. flag and launch the 17th annual Lineman’s Safety Rodeo sponsored by AIEC in Springfield. (Photo By: AIEC)
  • Raising the Flag, Linemen Style

    Student linemen relay the American flag to the top of a 55-foot pole at the Line Training Grounds at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield. (Photo By: AIEC)

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