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2014 Concern for Community Week

  • Lights Out

    In a team relay to start the 2014 Concern for Community Week, NRECA employees compete in teams of two, trying to guide each other to move around without light. This year’s fundraiser benefited the NRECA International Foundation. (Photo By: Alexis Matsui)
  • Backbreaking Labor

    In a team relay to start the 2014 Concern for Community Week, NRECA’s Mark Hayes and Val Parks simulate daily chores without electricity. (Photo By: Alexis Matsui)
  • Kicking off the Holidays

    NRECA’s Lisa Hanson, Cindy Dove and Judee Schwartzman (l-r) take time to write holiday cards to U.S. soldiers. “It’s just a nice thing to do to kick off the holidays,” said Hanson. (Photo By: Cathy Cash)
  • Holiday Cheer

    NRECA’s Cathy Windfield-Jones (l) and Cindy Dove write special holiday messages to members of the armed services. (Photo By: Cathy Cash)
  • A Hill of Beans

    Fifty pound bags of U.S. pinto beans were purchased by NRECA for packaging for delivery by the Arlington Food Assistance Center to distribute to the hungry in the area. (Photo By: Cathy Cash)
  • Remembering the Hungry

    NRECA’s Theresa McDonald (r) and Emma Williams scoop pinto beans into a funnel and a bag, as part of the association’s annual Concern for Community event. (Photo By: Cathy Cash)
  • Assembly Line

    NRECA’s Cheryl Cornish, Paul Gutierrez and Ann Maria Laurenza (l-r) have perfected the art of funneling beans and rice. (Photo By: Cathy Cash)
  • Holiday Greetings

    One of many piles of holiday cards written by NRECA employees to members of the U.S. armed services fills a basket. (Photo By: Cathy Cash)
  • One Warm Coat

    With winter temperatures around the corner, NRECA employees donated dozens of coats during the 2014 Concern for Community Week. (Photo By: Cathy Cash)

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